The Queen

Chapter I

Once upon a time, there lived a queen named Isabelle.

Isabelle was a very nice queen. She was almost always writing proclamations for balls – except for when she was telling jokes for audiences all around America.

One day when Isabelle was dancing she accidentally broke her leg. Everybody ran out the door to the hospital and told the nurse to come.

When she got there, Isabelle couldn’t get up. Everybody was very sad.

Chapter II

At hospital, Isabelle was very scared, because she was only sixteen years old.

When she got out of hospital she met a man named William. They decided to marry right when they met.

Then Isabelle threw a party – with a ball, of course.

After the ball, William noticed it was 3:00 a.m. Isabelle shouted “Scramble!”

Everybody ran out the doors to their homes and Isabelle and William went to sleep.

The End.

February 2004

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